Where Angels Fly
Lyrics by Benny Mardones
Music by Victor Alexeeff

Benny Mardones and I were sitting in my garage studio talking about what the future will be like with all the technology wrapping around our daily lives. I had this groove going and asked Benny to throw down some words. It was different from Benny’s ballads but I heard something else in his voice. Fifteen minutes later we scratched the tune. After laying down some rough tracks I asked my good friend Pierre Karlsson to give me some guitar and bass lines. At this point, I thought about getting a real drummer. Nate Barnes sent me tracks from the other side of the country using internet to trade files. As much as I use electronic beats, real drummers put soul into their tracks. Time to go to Clear Lake Studio in the valley and lay down some backups. I asked Daniela Torchia to sing along with the synth vocals. She was such a sport to come last minute and lay down a ton of backups. Then I asked my good friend Tony Kaye (original keyboardist for YES and Daniela’s husband) if he would help out with producing the song. He pulled in a favor and asked Brian Yaskulka who just finished a project for Elton John to give it a mix. This was done at Sound City Studio. Benny at this point has been dealing with Parkinson’s disease for years. It took a lot of energy for him but even this dreadful disease could not stop him from creating music for his fans. Enjoy this and please download and share. Thx.

Lyrics by Benny Mardones
Music by Victor Alexeeff
Produced by Tony Kaye and Victor Alexeeff
Vocals by Benny Mardones Back Up Vocals by M. Daniela Torchia
Guitar/Bass by Pierre Karlsson
Keyboards/Synth by Victor Alexeeff
Drums by Nate Barnes
Album Cover by Petra Luna:

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Title: Red Floyd
Written by Victor Alexeeff
Imagery by Craig Deman
Victor Alexeeff: One can close their eyes and imagine other worlds – and this is just one of many one can step into!

To A Man With A Big Nose
by Cecilia Aranovich
Music by Victor Alexeeff
Detroit Airport Tunnel
Music by Victor Alexeeff

Edward H. McNamara Terminal: The “B” and “C” concourses are connected to the main terminal building and the “A” Concourse by a pedestrian walkway under the tarmac. This walkway, known as the Light Tunnel, features an elaborate multi-colored light show behind sculpted glass panels extending the entire length of the walkway, as well several moving walkways. The light patterns are synchronized with an original musical score composed by Victor Alexeeff, which runs for nearly a half hour before repeating. This installation, one of the first large scale uses of color changing LED lighting in the United States, was produced by Mills James Productions with glasswork by Foxfire Glass Works of Pontiac, Michigan. The display won multiple lighting design awards including the prestigious Guth Award of Merit.
World of Children Theme Song
Can You Hear
Written by Victor Alexeeff and Joe Ashley

This is a video of the first ever World of Children Award. Joe Ashley and Victor Alexeeff wrote the theme song ‘Can You Hear’, beautifully performed by Jenna Handler and Schuyler Johnson! Muhammad Ali and his family were in attendance – he was the honorary chairman for that year.
Muhammad Ali

Chopin’s Way
Written by Victor Alexeeff
Images by Petra Luna:

As I stare towards the Blue Ocean from the shores of Southern California I hear the waves, a constant rhythm arriving from the horizon. An occasional whale or a school of dolphins pass by, escorted by a myriad of birds. You are transformed back in time. A time when your spirit was awakened. Behind me is a metropolis, a concrete jungle, worlds apart – the world we live in. I wanted to capture the inner peace in front of me. My hope is that when you listen to Piano Waves it will take you to this place, even for a moment.

This piece is dedicated to our little Chopin.
Victor Alexeeff

First Christmas Eve
Written by Victor Alexeeff and Joe Ashley
Sung by Michelle Duda
Sheet music, lyrics and instrumental version available here:…
Silly Little Fish – Consume and be happy!

Consume, consume, consume…. Black Friday, Cyber Monday… we, the sheep, have to create more Sal-idays, right? More days to buy THINGS, Yippee!