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April 25, 2022

Great Masters Go Digital with Classics Unleashed

Imagine if Beethoven or Bach could visit the 21st century. Instead of dozens of instruments to make sounds, they would have millions.

What would their compositions sound like?

Victor Alexeeff, internationally award-winning classical pianist, composer, and arranger, has unleashed that in his latest recording.

Said Victor, “Beethoven and Bach were the rock stars in their centuries and the instruments they composed with is what was available during their times. Today, with the power of computers and electronics, there is no limit to the sounds you can create.”

Classics Unleased is an exciting experiment on the vast possible interpretations.

Said Victor: “Having been in rock bands, together with my classical background it seemed like an obvious project to produce.”

Classics Unleashed will be released on May 6, 2022 (samples are available upon request).

Contact: Petra Luna,, (310) 993-3071

Sample of Classics Unleashed here:

Victor Alexeeff – Classics Unleashed


Victor is uniquely refreshing both in style and ability.  When he sits down at the keyboard, he owns the room!

Joel Diamond, Grammy Nominated Record Producer

Listening to Victor is like hearing the crack of a bat hitting a baseball, takes you to another place.

Lee Lacy, LA Dodgers

Victor is f**ing amazing on those chops!

Benny Mardones, Singer/Songwriter

Victor is an unbelievable talent, whose live performances are not to be missed – a classical maestro!

Tony Kaye, Keyboardist, YES

I told Victor he should come down to the Chinese Theater to get his hands measured for the Walk of Fame. If he does, I’m gonna jump all over the buggers so he never plays again – he’s way too good!

Brian Chatton, Keyboardist Flaming Youth, Boys Don’t Cry/Author

Bringing the joy of music to the world calls for talent, knowledge, perseverance, and creativity. With Victor Alexeeff the emphasis here lies on creativity. He knows how it should be done, and done well. And he knows how to bring in brilliant twists and turns to make the music more interesting than ever. Somehow, he keeps doing this. be missed – a classical maestro!

Mike Gormley, Talent Manager (LAPD) for Oingo Boingo, The Bangles, Danny Elfman

Photo by Stefanie Parkinson
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